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Cairns Army Games 










Laser Tag is an outdoor combat team sport much like paintball (skirmish), but better. It is fast paced and extreme. 

Perfect for weekend fun, corporate team building and bachelor parties. Come as individual or bring your whole team.

Laser Tag is "electronic paintball". Laser Tag is an outdoor combat team sport much like skirmish, but better. It is fast paced and extreme. Unlike the old style arena indoor games you might have heard of, we play outdoors. Each team is equipped with infrared weapons and sensor helmets. Players shoot an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to the ones uses in your TV remote control. 

We play stand-alone missions like “Capture the Flag”. Plus we are able to adjust the number of hit points needed to "die" and configure re-generative shields so we can play more advanced missions like the Mobile Guerrilla Force of Vietnam, and the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

Laser Tag is similar to any role-playing or interactive computer game each player takes on the role of a fictional character. You play your character much as you would in any role-playing/virtual setting but even more so. Instead of saying what actions your character takes you actually take those actions for real. Game mechanics are in place for handling difficult situations but for the duration of the game you are the person you are portraying.

If you like extreme sports, paint ball (skirmish), or computer games you will love Laser Tag.




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