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World Heritage Rainforest


Species -  
casuarius casuarius 


The Cassowary is a flightless but colourful bird with dark blue & purple feathers. 

the Cassowary is Australia’s largest land animal. The female being larger than the male, can grow to be about 5 feet tall. Normally they weigh about 60kg, but have been known to weigh more than  80kg and run up to speeds on 30km per hour.


They have heavy, coarse feathers.  The cassowary has three toes. The inside toe has a large claw that is used  to defend itself.  On  top of the cassowary's head is a large keel shaped helmet. 


Cassowaries can be found in the far North Queensland rainforest region. Clearing of tropical rainforests have divided the Southern Cassowary population into several small fragile remnants. They are now a protected species. It is believed that there are only 1500 remaining.


The mating season is May/June to October/November.

Cassowaries will protect their nest at any cost. The male incubates the eggs of which 3 - 6  have been laid. Each egg weighs about 600g and take about two months to hatch. Their eggs are the third largest of all birds.
Chicks are born with brown feather and gain their dark blue and purple feathers after about 36 months. 

The cassowary's keel - shaped head and amazing speed allows them to chase down prey in the dense rainforest.


Cassowaries usually eat and berries fruits but have been known to  hunt small reptiles and mammals.

They are the sole disperser of the larger rainforest seeds. 

As they travel through the rainforest , there droppings contain the seeds of the fruit  they eat, thus sprouting more plants.


Stay well clear of this animal.  If you happen to encounter a Cassowary do not run from it, face the bird and just back away slowly slowly and hide behind a tree or bush.

Cassowaries are easily provoked and have very powerful legs that they use to kick with. By jumping feet first the sharp claws on its inner toes can easily rip flesh. Humans have been killed by cassowaries.

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