Great Barrier Reef Australia - Coral Reef Facts


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Great Barrier Reef

Knowing the Animals | Coral Reef Facts 


A coral reef   is a natural barrier made of the bodies of dead and living coral. Which is usually just bellow the surface of the water.

It is made of two parts

White: Is  the dead bodies of zillions and zillions of polyps which have died over hundreds and thousands of years.

Coral Formations

Colourful: Is the living part of the coral reef.  It is made up of living polyps.

SizeOver 2000km (1250 miles) long.

Identifying coral: 

By appearance

  • bushy 
  • table
  • boulder 
  • vase 
  • branching 
  • plate  
  • solitary


  • 6 species of sea turtle

  • 400 different types of coral

  • 4,00 molluscs 

  • 1500 species of fish

  • 500 species of seaweed

  • 215 species of birds

  • 16 species of sea snake

For more information on The Great Barrier Reef go to Great Barrier Reef









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